Monday, May 25, 2009

European Elections

The European Elections are rapidly approaching and I'd like to make one comment on them.

If you vote for a party which is anti-EU, then don't go complaining about the EU for the next 5 years. Electing someone who is determined to see the institution fail is hardly likely to bring about anything positive. This is not the time to register your displeasure with your government or the EU - that's for general elections. This is the time to choose who you think will do the best job in Europe.


Anonymous said...

Dude you seem like a great guy but your statement makes no sense. Anti-Unionists are against the EU because they think that vast centralized bureaucracies are ipso fact inefficient and unrepresentative. The very location of the parliament sucks representatives away from the people they represent and lures them into a rarefied elitist world expenses, hotels, junkets and pompous self-important global initiatives. Can you imagine if the Eurocrats started to dabble in bushcraft? We'd have signposted paths, concreted "wild camping" pitches, enforced standardization of equipment and safety officers inspecting your campsite.

sam_acw said...

The point I was making is that you can't vote against the EU in the European elections. Voting for an anti-unionist will only make the whole thing an even bigger mess because it will still cost the same money but do nothing.
If you're not in favour of the EU, or the domestic government, the time to punish it is in the national general election.
I agree that the EU is inefficient, unrepresentative and out of touch. I just can't see a logic in voting for people to represent me there who don't want to make it work - it's like putting an anarchist on an organisational committee to my mind.
Thanks for posting; can you use a name next time please!

JohnW said...

That is something that I will have to study a bit. I am a tad ignorant of European politics. Right now I have a student who has to make up a year of European history where I work.