Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid E-bay

I wanted to buy a knife on E-bay today, a CRKT M-16 in this case, only for the website to go all crazy and tell me I couldn't buy it because it thought I was trying to circumvent their "weapons policy".
1. It is a knife, it is legal.
2. I live in Poland, not Britain or Ireland
3. The knife was in the USA, not Britain or Ireland
4. The My account was registered in Britain but has since had the postal addresses changed, multiple times, as E-bay and paypal sometimes screw them up.
As of today, I officially hate E-bay.


Berserker said...

Yeah there's a reason people call it "Fleabay," "Evilbay," "Egay" etc.
Was the model you were looking at zytel or aluminum handled?

sam_acw said...

It was a zytel one, I saw your review as it came out top on google!
It looked like a nice folder with many strings to its bow.