Monday, March 09, 2009

Take Nothing For Granted

Despite my predicitions for the end of winter we still got caught out. We were in Radom to see my in-laws at the weekend and when we went into the restaurant for a meal there was a bit of sleet, when we came out later there was 5cm of snow on the ground!
I've found it almost impossible top predict wether the precipitation will be snow or rain, in general though we're now having positive temperatures most of the time so I expect it to be rain.
March in Poland is truly the spring month, spring tending to be short here. I've seen it go from 10cm of snow on the 1st to t-shirt weather by the end of the month (20 degrees plus).


JohnW said...

Thay is typical March weather here in New England. Last weekend we had temperatures approach the mid sixties. Then monday we had snow. Right now it is rainy and in the upper forties. The Carpathians must have an influence on your weather.