Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Last Snow of Winter?

Since Saturday we've had snow, now up to about 6 or 7 cm on the ground.
It's scheduled to be about -5 degrees all week so I'm trying to get out and enjoy the weather as much as I can. There's always a chance that this will be the last cold snap of winter - it has been an up and down winter and we had one day at plus 10 degrees about 10 days ago. In years past the thaw would come in early to mid March but the snow has come and gone this year rather than been on the ground for a couple of months.


Kasper R said...

I wish i could drop you an email, as this is hardly a reply to your post, but unfortunately i couldn't find any email address.

I lived in Warsaw for some time, a few years back, and i wish i had found your blog earlier. I had some great trips in Poland i would like to share some information on, and I would like to put you in contact with the Warsaw Eagles, an american football team in warsaw, I played for. I really like your topics and when i find the time, i will try to trawl back though the posts.

I had some great trips in Pomorsze and Mazury, i think could be of interest to your readers.

Seeing you pictures and trips around in Poland almost brings a tear to my eye. I wish i had bought a wooden cup and highlanders axe like yours, when i was in Zakopane.

Any way, please direct me to an email address, if any of this has stirred your interest - Kasper

sam_acw said...

Thanks for the reply, if you scroll down to a post about a free book you can find my e-mail (on 11th of January)