Friday, January 09, 2009

Woodlife Network - Tracking Library

I've been spending a bit of time over on Pablo's woodlife network recently and I must say, it is really impressive now. The network has an array of sub-groups, forum and competitions. The jewel in the crown though is the track library that they are developing.
There are tracks from various different animals, in various different surfaces, which are all tagged so they can be searched through. It should be a phenomenal resource when it is finished and as far as I know is one of a kind.
Feeling confident? Check out this very detailed (and tough) tracking quiz on the Maine Primitive Skills Survival School website.


Jon said...

Hi Sam

I'm coming over to Poland to track wolves in February on an organised trip. It's going to be in Bierbrza National Park.

Do you have any advice on clothing, whether we can get gas canisters for stoves in Poland and that sort of thing?

Any help will be much appreciated! You can email me at if you want or post something on the blog.



Pablo said...

Thanks for the comments Sam.
Btw, both you and Jon are on the site so you could speak in real time using private chat. Just a thought.