Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day Walk

I took advantage of still being on holiday to get out into the woods for a couple of hours today. Being about -4 with a lot of frost it was necessary to keep moving to stay warm as I didn't put on my under-trousers. Added to this it started to snow, fairly lightly, only half an hour after I got there.
I managed to stay warm until I sat down for a bit to do some carving - whilst carving I was fine as I was concentrating on what I was doing but after I got up my legs were a little cold so I had to walk quickly to keep them warm. It was an odd feeling to have to take off gloves, scarf and hat to stop myself overheating whilst still having cold legs and warm feet!
The carving I made was a little wood sprite out of a thumb thick branch, done in about 20 minutes with my Mora. It can't have been that bad as my wife actually recognised it was a face!
I managed to spot a few feeders full of hay which I believe are there for the local deer so should provide a good start point for tracking one day. I also saw a couple of woodpeckers; they're easy t spot as after you hear them you just need to slowly circle the tree where the noise is coming from until you can see their head bobbing back and forth. Sadly, I've never managed to get a decent picture of one as they are always too high up for the zoom on my camera.
There wasn't a lot of life and until the snow started to fall the woods were very quiet except for the odd tree creaking in the breeze. It being a holiday there was a reasonable umber of people in the woods but once you'd walked a few hundred metres in then you had got past the point where they were yelling into their mobiles and you could get on and enjoy the woods.
I managed to get a little lost on the way back having walked about a kilometre further West than I should have done which meant I then had to spend about 20 minutes skirting around the Metro depot to get back home. It did mean that I got to watch darkness descend across the white woods which was very picturesque. Unfortunately, the camera's batteries had, as usual, died by this point. My wife keeps wondering why I want a new digital camera where for me the fact that you can rarely manage to take more than 20 pictures on a set of batteries is evidence enough that a new camera is needed.

Happy New Year!


Pablo said...

Happy New Year, Sam.