Monday, January 05, 2009

Cold Snap

Well it is now -15 degrees out there (update -20 on Tuesday morning). There's also about 3 inches of snow down where it hasn't been wlaked on or swept into a pile. To make myself warm I'm doing one of three things

  1. Wear more clothes and shut the curtains
  2. We bought a real whistling kettle, it makes the kitchen look homely and makes making tea much more fun
  3. Reading about Guy Grieve's adventures in Alaska, -60 degrees make it seem positively balmy here.
On the serious side, wrapping up well is vital. The most important extra bit of kit is a polycotton scarf thing. It is basically a loosely elasticated loop which you can pull over your neck. It makes a massive difference to your head and neck temperature despite doing little more than keep the wind off and seal your collar. It is truly worth its weight in gold when you're out in the cold.