Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bushcraft Almanac Project

Following on from a discussion over at BCUK, I've been looking further into the possibility of writing a bushcraft almanac for 2010.
I've done a little work already, trying to put a bit of information down on paper (or hard drive) and have a few ideas.
It would be rather a piece of work to do it within the next nine or ten months and then publish or produce it. It could be published through some kind of on-line publishing company though I would prefer it to be produced in a similar style to a small pocket diary with a ribbon for keeping page. It would likely be biased to a British perspective as that is where the bigger market of bushcrafters seems to be. It is also a great deal easier for me to research.
I've also been reading Schott's Almanac for this year, in part for inspiration, in part as it is actually a pretty fascinating book - though more of the bedside variety. I've also perused the sites of some of the older almanac's such as the Old Farmers'
I've been trying to come up with a list of useful bits of information to include but it is far from easy. So far I've come with a fairly short list of things to include:

  • Tracks of common animals
  • Weather signs
  • Basic first aid for cuts, hypothermia (I'd need someone else to write this)
  • A few common edible or useful plants
  • Some common trees and their uses
  • Astronomical events
I may have a go at doing a demo version for a couple of months of this year so watch out for that!


schwuk said...

Sounds interesting - looking forward to seeing what you come up with.