Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Books as Presents

Most of the presents I was given for Christmas were books, I've even still got an Amazon token left to spend.
We got lucky with the weight of our bags and were able to bring back a few more in the cases too.
So here's a list of those to look forward to reviews of over the next few months.

A few more to note as well, Agi gave me the River Cottage Meat Book as a present for Mikolajki (St. Nicholas' day). My Gran also let me take one of her gardening books, How to Enjoy your Weeds which is rather an interesting book about the properties, laregly edible, of various common wild plants.

The final book on the list is 101 Uses for Stinging Nettles. The joy of this book is not just that it is interesting but that I also managed to end up with a spare copy. It is free to the first person who sends me an interesting e-mail, and their address, about why they should have it!