Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ultimate Bushknife - Part 1

The title of this section is meant to be taken with more than a little pinch of salt. However, I am involved in another knife making project at the moment which will hopefully pay dividends. I've got hold of some reindeer antler along with a Lauri Hiking blade from birkashop.pl who are the Polish distributors of Brisa's wares. The idea is to build a knife which fits between the typical puuko and leuku sizes. The blade is seven inches but a little over an inch wide and only around 3mm thick (odd mix of measurements there!)
The idea is that it would be able to chop reasonably should it need to whilst also being nimble enough in hand for carving. I've found the Leuku's deep blade stops it making tight cuts and the stunt point, for pierceing, prevents you cutting across the grain as well as is ideal.
Currently the plan is to have an antler bolster and pommel with birch bark spacers in between. To be fair though I've little enough idea of how to go about this but it'll be a good learning experience.
After this, of course will be a companion whittler (anyone know a good stick tankg scandi blade around 50mm long?). The final knife design I've put down on paper is more of the typical "survival knife" style. Not all saw teeth and Rambo bits but full tang with a sort of extended tang as a scraper/pry end. The plan for that one would be a similar blade, if I get on with this one that is, as well as some nice orange micarta handle slabs!