Thursday, November 20, 2008

Traditional Home Skills

Kind of hard to think of a name for this one, but I think home skills may be the best bet.
By this I mean the making, mending and cooking that are traditional home skills. It isn't homesteading if you live in an apartment, nor is it really preparedness as there isn't a set goal to it. Luckily the pair of us have been able to reduce our workload a little and are beginning to have more free time. This means we can get on top of domestic things and try to expand our range somewhat.
The dehydrator will begin to see more use, sadly it'll most likely be with store bought fruit though. Dried apples do make a good snack though. I've also been shown how to pickle gherkins in brine by my mother-in-law. Don't need to do this yet as we've still got a jar or two in the kitchen.
Back when I lived with my parents I also turned my hand to crab apple jelly as a condiment for pork and home made cider - rather dry with quite a kick!
I'm hoping we'll be able to get on track with all these things now we have more time - to help us along the road we bought an oven of sorts at the weekend.
As our flat is rented we only have electric hobs - pretty poor especially for real home cooking and stir frys! We decided to get some sort of plug in oven as there isn't space for a full unit so we bought what is known as a prodiz. This is a type of electric dutch oven, traditionally used for making cakes and roasting things.
It is reasonably quick heating and efficient and we managed to do some good roast chicken in it on Sunday. The next step along the line is to make homemade pizza in it. Agi loves Pizza and homemade ones, depsite being time consuming when you make the base, are a massive saving on bought ones and allow you to choose the exact toppings you wish for.
I'll let you know how I get on and I hope to make more posts on this theme in future.


Norseman said...

What are "electirc hobs"?

sam_acw said...

The things on top of the cooker that you put saucepans on for cooking. They suck as they take 15 minutes to heat up and are then too hot. After that they take 15 minutes to cool down again!