Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mora Love

I came across this post on Ben's Backwoods blog this morning. That's right, aside from being the web's best supplier of bushcraft kit they also have a blog.
They were discussing sharpening the back of the knife square with a grinder. To be fair I'll probably just do mine with a file as I don't have a grinder and my Leuku may well have the end nearest the blade rounded a bitas the edges on the spine can cut into your hand when you choke up on the tip or use it as a drawknife in longer blades.
You can check out the full Mora range from Frosts here.
You can see the one I've got (well, actually I have two) below in a picture I've borrowed from Ben's Backwoods for now.
Northwest Woodsman likes them too but prefers the model with a guard
I wrote a bit about the subject about a year ago: Spines and Backs
I was using it to strip the bark off of pine roots.
I've also tried soaking the blades in vinegar, mustard and ketchup to get a patina and protect them from rust. It has the added effect of making them look a lovely steely grey colour.
I've also had a go at braiding a neck cord for the sheath. This worked out quite well and I'll try to post it when get some batteries for the camera.
Aside from making sure the drain hole is unplugged I've come to realise the Mora sheath is one of the best, if not ugliest, on the market. It is secure, hard but not brittle, lightweight and drains well. I've never wished to replace it at all.
As they're cheap you can get a few to play with - try a hard plastic handled one and modify it for snow use like Mors Kochanski did.