Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Couple of Good Reads - Online

A few blogs have been added to the reading list or have resurface of late.
Firstly, Decado is back posting again with his excellent bushcraft blog.
Another new blog which shows some promise is Hodgeman's Thoughts on the Great Outdoors. This blog. Not a regular poster yet but I'd love to read more about a real Alaskan winter.
Robin Wood, a real master of woodcrafting, has a blog too. It covers his exploits carving and turning wood and all manner of interesting links and historical information.
The Backyard Bushman has a lovely looking blog and some great info on axes. I've not seen much elsewhere about Snow and Neally axes and he does seem to have a talent for getting the most from his tools.
Finally, spare a thought for poor old Pablo, who managed to cause a fair bit of damage to himself in the woods the other week. The reason I've written three posts this evening, but put different publishing times on them is to keep him entertained through the day!


Pablo said...

Ha ha...Thanks Sam :) Every little helps!