Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chemy Psa - We Want a Dog!

To be fair I've wanted my own dog for a while, just needing to be settled enough for one and not travelling about or working too much so I'd have enough time for it.
Now, of course, we're pretty much settled down and every time Agi sees a dog, of any description, she tells me she wants a dog. Having tried to my desire for a real dog we're gradually narrowing down the field. I'd either want a working dachshund (also known as a Teckel) or a working terrier. I'm keen on wire coated dogs as not only do they look good but they also should bear up to the weather well. Unfortunately, Agi is rather keen on a miniature Schnauzer.
The reason for working dogs, even though I am not a hunter (yet :-), is that personal experience has taught me that dogs intentionally bred for a function are easier to train, healthier and happier than either their show bred or randomly bred cousins. Luca, my parents black working Labrador, is a wonderful, intelligent and healthy dog.
To this end I've been searching for information trying to build up more information - winter is a time for research rather than puppies, they'd struggle going for a walk in snow up to their chin!
I've come across one very well written blog which is well worth a look at if you're in any way interested in working terriers. It is called the Terrierman's daily dose and has been added to my reader for a week or so.
I'll keep you informed as I gain more information, this is one to follow in the long term I feel.