Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dehydrator Experiments 2- Follow Up

Well my first few items in the dehydrator didn't work out as well as I'd hoped they would for a few reasons.

  • The dehydrator makes a bit of noise so my wife doesn't like it being on all the time
  • It takes several hours (like a whole day) to dehydrate wetter or thicker items
  • I've not been at home long enough to leave it on very often.
The corn dried quickly and well and I'm going to try frying it as I've seen that as a recommended recipe somewhere for a parched corn style food. There are so many definitions, recipes and ideas as to what parched corn is I think you're best off just finding one you like.
The apple went quite well, drying a bit slower but still tasting good and looking ok.
On the other hand the banana was a bit of a failure - they discoloured almost instantly, refused to dry well and look rather horrible, I'll be on the hunt for a better set of instructions for this one soon!
I hoped to spend a little more time out in the woods and blogging soon but for the moment I've ended up working 2 jobs, both almost full time. Teachers typically teach about 20-24 lessons a week here and I'm on around 35 which means there are some long long working days; from leaving the house at 6.30 for a 7.20 class to getting home a quarter of an hour after a 9pm class! Should help settle everything money related but it means putting some hobbies on the backburner for a while sadly.


Pablo said...

Some of the Shadowhawk team are going to Biebrza National Park to track the wolves. I'm not sure exactly where.