Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Caveman Films : 10,000 BC

I finally watched this film the other day and thought I'd put up a quick review. Not really much for the bushcrafter - a few nice shots of ice age people in the first half of the film and some nice landscape photos.
The film however goes downhill into absurd fantasy there as the hero ends up trying to free slaves from an Atlantean refugee trying to build the pyramids. It was sadly a little disappointing even allowing for the rather frequent historical gaffes. Sadly I've yet to see a cave man film that was a patch on "Quest for Fire".
I've still got "Homo Erectus" on the watch list which should at least be funny whilst I remain on the lookout for a version of "Clan of the Cavebear" in English.


Mark said...

Mr. Chapman...I have been enjoying your blog, paricularly your flintknapping progression. Looks like you have some nice dark flint there. I too was a little disappointed by the move 10,000 BC...looked like it had some nice potential at first. Quest for Fire is still the best that brings in the aspects I like...some of the technology...handdrill fire, dart & atlatl. I have been playing around with primitive skills for awhile, with flintknapping my biggest passion. Check out my blog: -Mark

JohnW said...

I liked the film in that it was different from what has been produced as of late. I do agree with your assessment but you need to keep in mind the target audience. Film makers are in the business to make money.

sam_acw said...

Thanks for the comments guys, Mark, the flint was from a car park!
JohnW- I understand that, though it was kind of cavemen mixed with "National Treasure"