Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumnal Onset

Over the last 3 or 4 days the temperatures have dipped from around the mid 20s to the low teens. Added to that the sky has been noticeably less bright and the wind has picked up. This is not simply a period of unsettled weather (although I do expect it to warm up in a week or two) but is heralding the beginning of autumn.
There are a few leaves about and various fruits visible (rose hips for one) but the only trees to have turned so far are the horse chestnuts. Interestingly enough they had huge amounts of blossom back in May and June so I expect a bumper conker harvest.
For me this is a favorite time of year. Aside from the depression that is caused by the start of the school year and the annual scramble for classes (only paid by the class so no financial security) this period has many bonuses. At the end of the month comes my Birthday, an opportunity to pick up various goodies. What a shock - it looks like books this year! On from that would be Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night - naturally no Guy Fawkes here and Halloween is a relatively recent introduction.
This is the longest term by far in the Polish school system as there are not really any holiday breaks. It makes it quite a drag to Christmas and having taught without a real break since last September it is proving to be a different from the usual September hype.
As for the woods; yesterday was spent shopping for seasonal clothes whilst today was for food and updating my CV (joy of joys). Work, or rather trying to get enough of it, looks like taking up a fair amount of my time. Rest assured though, when things settle down I'll be back out under the birches!