Monday, August 04, 2008

Weather Lore Article

I have re-started work on my article about bushcraft and weather this week. No sneak previews yet but a quick question for my readers - what sort of information would be useful to you? What would you want to read about within the article?
Any input would be appreciated, the initial scope of the article looks worryingly sprawling!


International Observer said...

I think what I would be most interested in seeing is various ways to prepare for the weather when I am outside.

By weaving together the various types of weather, and qualities and frequency etc... I would be able to plan better with what kit to bring, and how to set it up to prepare against snow, rain, cold, heat, insects, etc... that accompany certain weather patterns.

Hope that makes sense...



Pablo said...

I think perhaps reading nature signs to predict the onset of a weather system.