Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Woods Access

Just back from the woods. As with the majority of Polish woodland it is state owned and therefore open access. The trouble this creates is that virtually everything is banned. No collecting wood, plants, fruits or mushrooms, no fires, no camping and at times no entry to huge sections if I've understood the rather unprofessional looking notices stapled to a few trees!
It is a pity that there isn't some sensible plan of allowing people to use the woods. I guess they feel that woodland is for transit type activities, e.g walking or cycling, rather than actually spending time off the path.
Luckily there is some scrub land just nearby where I managed to pick up some odd bits, birch bark and pine roots which look to be of good quality.
In general I had a good time but it remains frustrating.


Norseman said...

The lack of access to public areas is very discouraging. I work as a land manger/outdoor educator in the U.S. and I let people hike where they choose, and collect berries, fungi, nuts, and dead plant matter. Unfortunately I am not able to let people camp off trail (only in designated campsites).

I hear a lot of my colleagues complaining about how people don’t come out and enjoy what the natural world has to offer anymore; then they will turn around to tell the folks that are coming a laundry list of things the CANNOT do!

I find it especially frustrating when I see other outdoor educators preparing to take children on a hike. They start of by telling the kids “Stay on the trail, if you don’t you WILL get lost” or “ You WILL get poison ivy”. And they wonder why kids just want to sit inside and play video games…

Anyhow I understand you frustration and I wish you the best of luck! Love your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

You might have heard about the Right to access petition going on in the UK. Personally, I think you've got to balance right of access with protecting what's left. There's a lot of idiots out there tht would instantly deface, detroy and plunder natural resources.

Is there a way of obtaining access by writing to the authorities or volunteering as a part-time warden or something, Sam?

Pablo's Woodlife

DocHunter said...

Maybe you live near some kind of natural reserve? In most of woods you can freely collect mushrooms.