Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some Matches are More Equal Than Others

Recently I've spent some time in the evenings sitting out on our balcony. Naturally, to make the most of the warmth we have a couple of candles to add some light, atmosphere and to keep the biting beasties away.
Lighting them with matches has made me realise a few things, firstly that most matches are pretty poor. Even when lit, angled well and out of the wind they are not great. What often happens is the flame doesn't transfer from the head to the stick itself. Either through damp or them just being poor quality.
One way to improve this is to lightly did the whole match in melted wax. Not only does this seal the match against moisture but it also adds something flammable to the stick.
So, before simply adding matches to your survival kit - check them out and wax them over!


John said...

It seems that matches have declined in quality over the years. When I was younger, strike anywhere matches were very reliable. They did strike anywhere. In addition, the British lifeboat matches were the best around. Again, strike anywhere and burn like a mini torch. As of late, it seems that the formulation has changed . They don't ignite as easy as in the past.

Anonymous said...

Hairspray will also do the same job of sealing the wood and added something combustable