Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Petrol Prices

Many of the sites I read are American and there is a trend to grumble about petrol prices at the moment. Without going into the whole issue of prices being subsidized there I thought I'd post some information about the prices in Poland for you all to look at before complaining.

Prices for 1 litre of 95 Octane
4.80 Zl = 2.34 USD=1.18GBP
Prices for 1 UK Gallon (just scaled up)
5.34 GBP
Prices for 1 US Gallon
8.88 USD

So before you complain too much, remember that the prices where you are may not be the highest. In relation to an average local wage here the prices are incredibly high (average being about 2000 zl per month)


International Observer said...

Wow. Here in Toronto, Canada, prices are about $1.35cdn a litre, which is about $1.39 U.S a litre. You should move here!



Anonymous said...

Current UK prices are about the same but, as you say, compared to the wage difference, we shouldn't moan that much.
Pablo's Woodlife

JohnW said...

I know that many people in other nations wish they had the prices of fuel that we pay in the US but keep in mind that we don't have the infrastructure of mass transit like other nations. It isn't unusual for people to commute to work 100 miles round trip. So with that amount of driving , gasoline at $3.85 to $4.25 a gallon is hurting many families.

sam_acw said...

That's true John, the distances in the US are simply bigger. But compared to average wages we get a raw deal here, and commuting isn't too abnormal. Admittedly we have reasonable trains for it if you don't mind crowds.
It still doesn't really explain the massive price difference though.