Thursday, July 03, 2008

Allergies and Diet

Having suffered since the age of about 12 with pretty terrible hayfever I've gotten used to a summer of sniffing and sneezing every year. I'm also pretty familiar with the various standard medications which are meant to prevent or alleiviate it.
This year was one of the worst until last week - fed up with the constant irritation I decided to try something I've read about and gave up dairy foods. This has proved harder than I realised, I'd forgotten how much cheese I eat and I'm pretty sick of ham sandwiches and missing yoghurts. However,the difference has been incredible. I no longer sneeze more than a couple of times a day, a far cry from the 10 minute attacks I used to get. I don't spend my time blowing my nose of coughing either. I haven't yet stopped the medication but it is something I'm considering.
If any other hay fever sufferers are reading this I urge them to try a dietary change. You've nothing to loose and an awful lot to gain!


Fenlander said...

Try chewing Plantago major leaves. I recommend this to many hay fever sufferers and the majority of people find it helps, some quite considerably.