Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weather Observation 09/06/08 - Radom

The weather today was pretty stifling and no-one really managed to get a lot done as it was too hot and sticky. Through the course of the day you could even feel yourself, especially your feet, swelling up with the heat. There was a Westerly wind, which got up to force 4 at times, but it did little to reduce either the temperature or the humidity.
Temperatures were just under the 30 degree mark most of the day and I was suffering in the heat due to my having to wear semi-formal clothes at work. This is not great weather for trousers, shirt and tie! Once again it wass a dry day with no apparent passing of fronts or change in weather conditions visible at any time. However with this level of heat and humidity there is always a need to keep an eye on the sky to look out for clouds growing vertically. If the normally fluffy and sheep like cumulus start developing upwards then you need to be wary of a coming convection storm. These are caused when moist, heated air rises into the sky and cools.
However, today there were no storm clouds and those that were visible were generally only the good weather type of cumulus which are relatively soft and regularly shaped. None of them showed any of these build-up signs.
When this type of consistent weather is seen it seems hard to predict the next day in any interesting way. It is very much likely to be similar; hot, with a few clouds and the possibility of thunderstorms. I shall remain on the look out for any approaching front, and also for storms. Indeed, with all this hot weather I'm stunned how little thunder we've had so far.