Monday, June 09, 2008

Weather Observation 08/06/08 - Warsaw

Another day which got up to some pretty stunning temperatures, with all the heat reflected on our balcony the themometer was reading 40 degrees at one point although I expect the aim termperature was genuinely about 10 degrees lower than that.
The sky was partly clouded most of the, starting off around the 20% mark and getting up to 90% around lunch. The clouds were mostly cumulus throughout the day.
However, around 1200 a dark cloud covered us, I'm guessing a cumulus cloud which "blew its top" and become a storm cloud. I slightly mistimed the rain fall and we still got damp on our way to the shop - there were big spots of rain and thunder for about 10-15 minutes.
After the storm the clouds cleared and it was back to 10-20% cover for the rest of the day although around 8pm the light made it hard to tell sky from cloud in the South. There were a few very wispy cirrus clouds and some slightly lower and more substantial cirrus visible.
In the evening at about 8pm the moon could be seen more or less due East, about 20% of the right hand edge being visible. The "horns" were pointing up , sadly not a reliable sign for good weather, but tomorrow's prediciton is for the weather to continue in the same vein. There will probably be some cloud cover and it will be important to watch out for both the humidity and "texture" of the air and storm clouds. We'll also be in our final week at work then!
Today's final two photos show how hard it is to judge cloud types when the sky is getting darker towards dusk, not an easy task! The first one is the the NE, the second one SE.