Monday, June 09, 2008

Weather Observation 06/06/08 - Radom

There was a fair wind about today, maybe as high as force 4 but it appeared to be blowing in different directions in different parts of the city. By our flat it was coming from the South whilst out at one of my business class' offices it was coming from the East. Hard to get a true fix on the position of it.
There was a fair amount of good weather cumulus all day and it never really built up into anything much. Although it was hot, up close to 30 degrees, it wasn't too humid and there were no late storm clouds. We saw the sunset on our way to Warsaw and it was yellow again with a red sun.
As for predictions - I expect more of the same tomorrow; hot and good weather clouds. This temperature always brings with it the chance of storms and moving 100km to the North, to a far more densely built up area, makes predicting winds and convection clouds a lot harder.