Friday, June 06, 2008

Weather Observation 05/06//08 - Radom

A little more of note to be seen in today's skies. In general the cloud cover was much greater than previously with around about 25% cover at 10.30 am and building to 70% by 5pm. Most of the clouds were cumulus humilis but there were some bigger and more dense cumulus formations to be seen.
The wind was a high force 3 from the West and helped freshen the day, not much of a sunset was visible as I was working on the other side of the building but from 8pm onwards the clouds all disappeared and gave us a clear night.
The temperatures were in the mid 20s falling to below 20 by 9pm; with the wind it felt decidedly cool.
For tomorrow I anticipate a generally similar pattern - hot weather with clouds, humidity depending on the wind and keeping an eye on the sky in case the clouds start developing vertically for a thunderstorm.