Thursday, June 05, 2008

Weather Observation 04/06/08 - Radom

Finally some sort of weather to report on. When I left the house at 11.15am it was already up over 25 degrees but with a force 3 wind and about 15% cloud cover which made it more bearable than the last few days. The clouds were mostly fractured cumulus and weren't heading in any particular direction or grouping at this time. The wind appeared once again to be blowing in from the West.
By 3pm there was a bit more cloud cover and by 5pm one cloud showed a lot of vertical development and looked quite threatening. Fortunately the wind blew this away over the next half hour. The cloud cover was about 30-40% during this time.
Sunset was a nice pink colour which hopefully indicates good weather tomorrow and all of the cloud cover had disappeared completely by 9pm.
I expect tomorrow to be similar, though with the cloud cover there could be a storm at some point if it grows up again.