Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weather Observation 02/06/08 - Warsaw and Radom

We came back from Warsaw Monday morning on the train, quite a struggle as we really wanted to stay in our new flat. The weather has remained hot and rather dull to write about.
The wind was from the South East today and about force 2. Temperatures in the high twenties (20 degrees at 8am) and cloud cover very low.
It is hard to predict anything but a continuation of this weather as there is virtually nothing of note in the sky! It is is just blue as far as the eye can see and even the TV weather man, ever optimistic though he is, is predicting a further week of this weather.
If you're reading this from North America and are wondering why an Easterly wind hasn't brough bad weather then a quick look at the map will help explain things.
A wind from the East comes across the Atlantic to get to the Americas, picking up moisture to drop at the first opportunity. On the other hand a look at the map of Europe and Russia reveals 7500 km of land to the East before you hit the coast again. Hence any wind has had plenty of chance to drop its moisture.