Monday, June 09, 2008

Weathe Observbation 07/06/08 - Warsaw

After packing the majority of our things into boxes and heading of to Warsaw we woke up to a hot sunny day in Warsaw. It was truly sunbathing weather as the temperature got up over thirty degrees. The wind looked to be coming from the South and with a reasonable amount of cumulus cloud of the fair weather variety.
My hayfever was naturally terrible with it being a weekend and I spent most of the day having sneezing fits. Although some of the clouds built vertically and got dark they didn't do so until they were past us - the wind was moving the clouds across the sky pretty briskly.
All in all it was a dry and hot day with some degree of humidity but not unbearable, the lower pressure, bright sun and wind made my allergies worse which kind of stopped me doing much.
I predicted the next day to be the same, hot with some cloud build up and possible storms.
Today's photos show some of those threatening clouds, moving over us at speed;Also a view to the Northern edge of our view showing some clouds silloueted by the sunsetAnd the same view about an hour later;