Thursday, June 26, 2008

300th Post!

Here we are at Woodcraft in Poland's 300th post.
It all started before I moved back to Poland, ever so slightly under 2 years ago. Since then I've posted on topics from food to history, travel to reviews and from links to personal information.
If I remember rightly then the site is now in its third version with colours that should prove easier on the eye and a nice banner - courtesy of Mungo.
Of course the bushcraft blogosphere is now fairly big - some of the sites where people started off have fallen by the wayside and there is a current trend for bushcraft community pages such as Pablo's Woodlife and the JMB Network.
Personally, everything is going well. Although the wedding is a little over 2 months away were not too stressed yet and just finished off the paperwork and church lessons over the last 2 days in Radom. Back in Warsaw, our new flat is hooked up to the web with shiny 3MB broadband so I can continue to post here for your and my pleasure. I shall be working over the summer but probably not too many hours. In my previous job I used to work about 24 "teaching hours" (45mins - crazy?) per week but this added up to around 40 real hours on-site per week due to incessant meetings, stupid company policies and some very odd management attitudes. If anyone ever wishes to work in an English language school in Radom I'd be to share my experiences with them! The new job provides better money, management and contract along with spending less time on-site and less time wasted. I should definitely, finally, get more free time.
As far as the blog goes, I shall be returning to the weather observations for another fortnight - I've got 27 days in the bank and would like to get up to an even 40. Expect the finalweather project to be posted this summer too.
Currently, I'm in one of my "primitive technology" moods, though not living in a flint area nor having access to hides, leather, antlers etc. does put a dampner on things.
To conclude, I'd like to thank all my readers, especially the regulars, and to say hope you all enjoy a summer in the woods!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Sam on the 300th post. May they long continue.
Pablo's Woodlife