Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weather Oservation 14/5/08 - Radom

These observations are all from the afternoon between 2pm and 9pm. The day had a high temperature of 19 degrees and held the temperature quite well until sunset. The sky was a brilliant blue all day with just a very few, small, high clouds resembling lost sheep in the sky.
The total cloud cover must have been 2% or less of the sky.
The wind was very low throughout the day - 4-7mph and seemingly coming from the South West. It could be observed moving the tops of trees slightly but not really felt at ground level. It is worth noting that the big blocks of flats around this area do have an impact on the wind direction.
One feature that was clearly visible in the sky were lots of vapor trails from planes. They stayed visible for quite a while gradually becoming wider and scruffier.
The lack of clouds in the sky and the low wind suggests we're in a nice high pressure area and that the weather will continue for the next day. The visible clouds were what Eric Sloane refers to as "High, Good weather Cumulus" (p10 Weather Almanac). Although they weren't particularly regularly shaped they were so few in number as to be hard to locate in the sky.
At sunset, Agi and I were sitting in the park and saw a salmon pink sky to the west which, although not red, could be another good indicator of good weather for Thursday.
You could see about 70% of the moon in the evening. There was no precipitation of any description and no visible fronts.