Thursday, May 29, 2008

Weather Observation 28/05/08 - Radom

Despite all of yesterday's agonising over predictions this was one that the professionals got right. Wednesday dawned with a bright blue sky and remained that way all day. The day was noticeably much less humid than the day before as well as a fair bit cooler, the highest temperature being 17 degrees.
When I left the house at 11am there were very few high cirrus clouds in the sky along with a few fractured cumulus clouds sitting on the southern horizon. The wind was very weak and inconsistent remaining at force 2 or less and coming from the West.
There were no passing fronts of notice, nor precipitation. I took two photos just before sunset which show a few high cirrus clouds and little else.There was no real colour of any type at sunset and the moon wasn't visible at all.
I expect tomorrow to be much like today but hopefully a little warmer.