Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weather Observation 27/05/08 Radom

As I predicted it stayed dry but only just! It felt like a storm most of the day with high humidity and a generally stuffy atmosphere. The wind also turned and started blowing from the North at about force 4. The cloud cover was between 80 and 100% most of the day with what looked to be Alto stratus cloud mixed with a few others.
There were moments when the sky looked quite threatening with low dark cloud too but nothing came of it in the end. In the evening the temperature was still 15 degrees at 9 o'clock having been as high as 23 degrees at 12.30. In the evening there were also a lot of swallows flying around the top of my apartment block which could be watched from the balcony.
Today's first two pictures show a western view of the clouds at sunset. I think they are some type of law stratus but I haven't found out which. As you can see, this was weather which was already ebing blown past us and the cloud cover was down to around 35% by this time.The Next picture is looking South East which shows a little more cloud but of a broadly similar type. The same caveats apply in that this is weather which is past us.
The final picture is looking NW showing some type of threatening looking stratus clouds.. With the wind speed what it is I expect this to pass overnight though. However this of course looks worse due to the lack of light. There look to be two three layers here - possibly some type of lighter cloud above it? Unfortunately none of the resources I've got have a picture like this so I'm pretty stumped.
Tomorrow's prediction is a tough one as I've seen it forecast as nice weather all week on the TV but the clouds would seem to indicate otherwise. To me it looks like a possibility of some overnight rain. The high wind speed and the fact that a North wind is unusual here make me think that the weather will change a fair bit tomorrow. I'm stuck on this one and will be looking at the weather tomorrow with great interest.
It is harder than it looks to identify all the cloud types!
Edit: I thought I'd also point out that my hayfever is starting to become more noticeable now, today was the first sneezing attacks. I've been taking the medication since Saturday when the weather started to brighten up.