Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weather Observation 26/05/08 - Radom

When I woke up this morning the sky was a brilliant blue and the temperature was already heading towards 20 degrees.
Over the course of the day the cloud cover grew but never got above 50% with a force 2 SW wind blowing the tops of the willows opposite my balcony. In general the temperature remained above 20 degrees all day until sunset and there was no precipitation all day.
A wide variety of cloud types were visible - some high Cirrus Fibratus mixed with some lower Cumulus Fractus. In general the cumulus clouds were all neat and regular in shape which is suggestive of good weather according to Sloane's weather almanac the irregularity was their distribution across the sky.
When I got home from work at about 6pm I took this photo facing SW

I'm not sure but I think these clouds are Cirrostratus. With the wind direction coming from the South-West they are meant to bring an overcast sky but they were moving quickly and I doubt it'll stay for long.
In the absence of any rain clouds I'm predicting that tomorrow will be a little cloudier than today but otherwise nice dry weather.
Because the clouds of the last two days indictaed the arrival of both cold and warm fronts I had a look at the pressure map and found we've got the arrival of a fairly mixed front coming. Take a look here at this image courtesy of http://www.windfinder.com