Monday, May 26, 2008

Weather Observation 25/05/08 - Radom

For a day which started off cloudy and gray there was rather a change. At about 11 o'clock in the morning there was once again about 90% cloud cover and a low temperature - just 12 degrees. However there was a stiff SW wind which pushed the clouds by at a fair rate (force 3+) The Clouds were stratocumulus which rose with the temperature. Indeed, by 4pm it had got up to 20 degrees and down to about 50% cloud cover with a higher cloud.
The evening was when it got really interesting - I've read about mackerel sky but here was something rather odd - more of a fish scale sky. Pictures taken facing SW at about 7pm, bear in mind I was looking for the cloudiest bit! Cloud cover was maybe 50-60% at this time.

From thumbing through pictures I got the idea that these could well be Altocumulus which with the wind should be a portent of reasonable weather. With the wind direction we have they signal overcast sky. They are meant to signal a cold front coming in according to wikipedia. Recognising cloud types is hard work as I'm really not sure on this one, it doesn't look too like anything I've got in books.
As such the prediction for tomorrow is a continuation of this clearing. Hopefully lower levels of cloud combined with a nice warmer day. It looks like we're finally out of this very dull weather system so I'll be brave and predict 2 whole days of good weather. I won't guarantee they'll be dry but we'll see how close I get!