Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weather Observation 24/05/08 - Radom & Warsaw

Well the overcast weather has continued but it has brightened up slightly. Although the sky is still fully covered in cloud distinct formations can be seen.
There is a lower stratus layer and above it some dark cumulus type clouds, these gradually draw together into a mass which covers the rest of the sky. Throughout the day the temperature was around 15 degrees and there was a brief, very light shower at 6pm and again about 15 minutes later.
One of the strange things was that I looked out of the window at about 5am and, of course, it was far brighter then with gaps where you could see through to the sky. I shall have to find out why the sky at sunrise is often far clearer than it is later on.
The wind has gradually picked up over the last few days and is now a force 3 coming from the West.
There are still lots of low dark and threatening clouds in the sky so I do expect more rain over the next couple of days. How long can a period of overcast weather in May last?