Friday, May 23, 2008

Weather Observation 23/05/08 - Radom

Friday finally rolls around and with it the gradual prospect of a change in the weather. Although there was still complete cloud cover and little direct sunlight it was a brighter day today. You could see low dark clouds but the humidity has gone down ever so slightly again and the wind has picked up ever so slightly from the West and is possibly a force 2 now.
There was little of weather note during the day but about 7pm it started to rain gently and continued for two hours.
Not a lot to indicate a change but I think this system will be changing in the next few days because:

  • It can't last forever
  • The wind seems to have picked up
  • The humidity has gradually fallen
  • It is getting a little brighter day by day
  • The local weather forecaster agrees with me too!

Tomorrow's report will be dependent on where I am at what time as I'm in Warsaw once again.