Monday, May 19, 2008

Weather Observation 19/05/08 - Radom

Well it has been a cold and wet day which has depressed everyone a little bit. When I woke up the clouds covered the entire sky and it has remained that way all day. We had brief showers at about 11am and again at 2pm but only for about 10 minutes a time.
The wind seems to have swung around towards coming from the North so that should herald an end of this front. The wind has gusted up to a force 4 but mostly been Beaufort force 3 today. From reading Sloane's "Weather Almanac" I believe that the storm yesterday was frontal weather and today's weather is caused by the air mass behind the front.
The temperature was just about 8 degrees centigrade when I left the flat at 11am this morning and had fallen back to 6 by the time I got home at 6pm. It was still quite humid and bright with a strong white light filtering through the cloud blanket.
The clouds correspond with the picture of stratus in "The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book" and this carries with it a prediction of light drizzle and overcast skies. I'm going to stick with this prediction for tomorrow despite the apparent change in wind as there isn't a visible break in cloud and it is easier to judge cloud than wind direction in a city with tower blocks.
If the moon were visible tonight it would be almost full - tomorrow is the full moon. I'll be looking at tomorrow's weather with great interest as with a cloud blanket it is hard to predict much other than its continuation with my current level of knowledge.


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