Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weather Observation 18/05/08 - Warsaw & Radom

Well I couldn't have been more wrong about today's weather. Even when we left the hotel this morning you could feel there was going to be rain at some point. Although the sky was bright it was nearly 100% cloud cover and the clouds appeared to be some type of cumulostratus which the books seem to indicate is a herald of rain. The temperatures were a little cooler today staying just below 20 degrees but it was worse to be out and about in as the air was quite humid so you rapidly got sticky.
Of interest is the fact that from the morning onwards it "felt" like rain. The air was dense and tasted and smelled the way it does before a storm. The wind was gusting throughout the day and appeared to be coming from the South but as I said yesterday it is very hard to tell in the city centre.
At 4 pm as we got on the train it started to rain and did so quite steadily for about an hour. It stopped then and the sky brightened somewhat. However, at 7pm, when we had got back to Radom the heavens opened and we had about 5 minutes of terrific downpour. The type where it rains so hard that the air takes on a green hue.
How did I get yesterday's forecast so wrong? Firstly I forgot that winds die off in the evening and I made my prediction on the basis of a few late clouds. Secondly I forgot that winds often herald the arrival of a new front. Thirdly I need to put more effort into cloud type recognition. I've got the three basic types (defined by their altitudes) down but more detailed knowledge would make more useful predictions and observations.
For tomorrow; well as the clouds covered the sky for most of the day before the rain I expect their to be a similar length on unsettled and showery weather. I'm not sure how big this front will prove to be but I'll predict it to be similar weather tomorrow, with lighter rain. I'll be keeping a close eye on wether or not it improves towards the evening.