Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weather Observation 17/05/08 - Warsaw

As we're still looking for a flat we're in Warsaw again this weekend. Warsaw is about 100km North of Radom so the weather isn't that different. We had to get up at 5am and even then it was still 14 degrees. On the train we watched a red squirrel being mobbed by birds to prevent it stealing eggs or chicks, a couple of storks (good luck), a hare and a handful of pheasants. The sky was realtively cloudless as it looked like any small front had passed in the night. When we arrived in Warsaw, at 9am, it was 21 degrees.
Throughout the day there was a steady wind (maybe as high as Beaufort 4 in gusts) that kept clouds motoring across the sky.The wind appeared to be coming from the South although in a city of high rise buildings it is hard to get an exact measure on wind direction. Although there were a few lower, darker, clouds they didn't stay on the scene for more than half an hour and there was no rain during the day. In all it was a brighter and drier. Most of the clouds were individual cumulus types however there were a few high ice clouds.
In the evening some wispy high clods could be seen, no definite "Mare's Tail" shape though. They were quite spread out and more flat and horizontal.
As for today's prediction I'm pretty stumped. I've seen nothing to indicate a change in the weather (to my limited knowledge) and the fairly high wind speed has made it harder to judge from what's in the sky now. As a result I'm going for more of the same today. Warm, occasional clouds with an outside chance of very short showers.