Friday, May 16, 2008

Weather Observation 16/05/08 Radom

When I woke up at 7.30 this morning the sky was a blue grey colour and about 90% cloud cover being 14 degrees at the time. Through the morning it remained cloudy until at 2pm there was a brief, yet fairly heavy rain shower that lasted around 10 minutes. After the rain it began to brighten up again and by 8pm there was only about 20% cloud cover - a few cumulus clouds dotted about and no high clouds. There has been almost no discernible wind all day.
The moon looks to be nearly full tonight and was clearly visible unlike yesterday.
My prediction looks to have been a little over the top - although there was rain there was very little and the weather has improved afterwards. My prediction for tomorrow is another warm day (it got up over 20 Celsius today) and probably a bit of cloud cover. The local news predicts a small chance of rain but I can't see a lot on the horizon to back that up for now.
Tomorrow's report will be from Warsaw as I'm house hunting again.