Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weather Observation 15/05/08 - Radom

A somewhat more interesting day today seeing the arrival of a new weather front.
When I woke up at 7.30 the temperature was already up to 14 degrees and the sky to the north was blue and cloudless. By midday though there was about 10% cloud cover in the west with a few stray cumulus and high cirrus clouds. The wind was about 2 on the beaufort scale picking up over the afternoon to maybe a 4 and coming from the south west
At about 2 pm a layer of clouds could be seen sitting on the southern and western horizons and there was probably about 50% cloud cover in these areas. Some of the clouds were low and as such gray in colour and more threatening looking. According to the Weather Wizard's Cloud Book the clouds were similar in character to Cumulus Congestus which would suggest showers in the following 10-15 hours. Over the afternoon the clouds moved across the sky reasonably speedily and by 4pm there was a band of cloud in all directions around the horizon and some isolated higher clouds too. Probably about 60% cloud cover in total by this point.
I couldn't see the sunset itself as I was working on the east of the building. The moon should be 5-10% more visible than yesterday but looked like a head light in fog.
For tomorrow I'm predicting showers on and off all day and a warm night for tonight. It'll probably be a bit cooler tomorrow too.