Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hubertus Expo 2008

This year's Hubertus show was a vast improvement on 2007's. The layout was improved immensely by virtue of having a fewer, better, stalls. The stage area was still on the small side so that they tended to talk about rather than demonstrate the techniques, dogs etc. that they were showing.Some of the stalls were very well though out such as this small log cabin which housed lunches for corporate guests. there were the usual stalls with optics, guns, knives and clothing but not a lot to appeal to a bushcrafter - it is a hunting show after all. The best presentation I saw was a rather odd looking man demonstrating all the animal calls and how to use them - the boar call was especially good.
I did manage to pick up an orange plastic and rubber handled Mora which will be getting a workout in the kitchen over the next few weeks. That came from Grube, a German company who suply Moras and Gransfors in Poland just don't have an online shop!One of the most informative stands, and one of the few with intelligible English literature (this is an international show) is the Lasy Panstwowe - the national forestry commission of Poland. I picked up some interesting information about the woodland of Poland and hunting within it which I'll post on a quiet day in future.There were fewer people at the show this year which did contribute to the better atmosphere, luckily though there were more animals - the dogs from the Setter presentation are shown below as is a rather handsome hawk from the falconry stand. I've also included a section of a display dedicated to woodcocks - essentially because of the comical name - they are literally named after drinking straws1