Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Bushcraft Magazine?

I recently ordered an entire collection of back issues of The Bushcraft Magazine. This means I've now been able to have a look at two of the three I know about at the moment. If only some of the American magazines took paypal!
Although the printing isn't quite as high quality as the BCUK version it is a much better magazine. There is a real focus on doing things as well as writing about the natural world as a whole.
There are articles on fire lays, stock removal knife making, wood properties and primitive tools. The blogosphere's very own Torjus has even had an article published there on antler axes.
One of the best features, aside from the low price, is a series of regular columns. These include information about flora and fauna, the night sky and weather.
The magazine are well written and definitely worth getting hold of. Although they're not the most polished periodicals I've ever seen they do have a nice, and very British, take on Bushcraft.