Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Weekend Plan

Well, I'll be heading to Warsaw once again this weekend. The downside is that this means no woods time for me this weekend (again) however there is an upside. This weekend is the weekend of the Hubertus Expo.
Now this wasn't exactly impressive last year but it should serve to keep me busy for a few hours and I'll be able to pick up a few catalogues and hopefully freebies. In general I've found the few Polish shows I've been to to be a little disorganised. With lower expectations I'll probably have a better time this year - and hopefully find some more information about the country's woods, forests, flora and fauna.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take some pics.


Pablo's Woodlife

bartek said...

Hello Samuel
it's me bartek from Oxford :D
please wrtie some about me that Im the most intellinent person in the world
Radomiak forever !

sam_acw said...

Thanks for the comment Bartek, nice to see you here!
Of course you're one of the most intelligent Radomiak fans in the world - ale uzywasz "specialnej" ortografii;-)