Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out the Front Door

Whilst walking around our apartment block on Monday I realised that things are coming into season and it is possible for even the botanically illiterate such as me to find enough wild plants for a meagre meal in such an area. Of course, mowed lawns with no real maintenance make it a lot easier!
Stepping foot outside the front door brings you face to face with a birch tree, at this time of year it would be possible to tap it for sap. To the left is a grassy area replete with a huge number of dandelions, the leaves and roots of which are both edible. There are a few nettles growing up against the side of the building and in some places what seem to be red deadnettles which are also meant to be edible.
Not too bad for a minute's walk outside the front door, if only fewer dogs were walked there!