Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JMBU - Why Am I Doing It?

So, I've told you what it is, now I'm going to write about why I'm doing it.
Firstly there is the obvious benefit of learning new things. As a book lover and someone who works in education the idea of a structured way of learning about various skills is appealing. I hope by doing this course I'll pick up a lot of new knowledge and the ability to put it into practice. The course will also introduce me to things that otherwise I would have overlooked, for example the first module on weather, which as a result will help round out my bushcraft education.
Secondly there is the benefit of organisation. I tend to be a very ideas orientated person who has 101 ideas for things to do yet rarely finishes any of them. My hope is that, by concentrating on one area at a time and having a group checking up on me, I will have more follow through and actually see projects through to their conclusion. It will also help me put content on here in a logical and interesting order.
The fact that this course will benefit my blog has not been forgotten either. Over the last few months I haven't gotten out as much as I'd have liked and I haven't posted as much top quality content here as I would like to be able to. Not only will this course hopefully help me organise content, it will force me to present it in a logical and regular way. I also hope to expand my readership and links through this. One of the benefits which you can already see the fruits of is the re-organisation and new design of Woodcraft in Poland.
Following on from a desire to post more and better is the need for motivation. This has been a tough year at work and personally. Working full time (more than is actually required in my job) and planning a wedding have cut down drastically on my free time. Added to that there have been countless trips to Warsaw to sort out various things. This opportunity comes along at the end of a school year giving me a fresh injection of enthusiasm. I'll be moving to Warsaw to start a new job in July so will have a lot more free time and energy from then too.
I've already mentioned a desire to increase my readership here - why is this important though. Aside from the obvious, I do enjoy the contact with others throughout the bushcraft blogosphere. I've had lots of good discussions and learned a lot from the various blogs out there, any chance to increase this network is a good thing.
Finally there are a couple of literary motivations. Until Pablo's recent post I really hadn't considered a hard copy of my blog. The end product of this enterprise should be a couple of hard copies of my discoveries. The second of these motivations is to do with my ever growing bushcraft library. By taking a systematic approach to reading I hope to expand my collection in a logical way and also to get the most out of each book.
In conclusion there is quite a lot that I would like to achieve by doing this. I hope to be able to come back to this post during the process and to see how I'm doing.
Thanks for reading!