Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jack Mountain Bushcraft

One website that some readers will be well familiar with is the Jack Mountain one. The blogosphere's very own Mungo took a course with Mors Kochanski there. Indeed, although I regularly look at their pages it was Mungo's post today that inspired me to write this.
The key parts of the site are their own blog - known as the "Moose Dung Gazette" and their list of traditional kit suppliers.
They also have some very good videos available of one of their courses if you search for jack mountain on youtube and they have recently released a couple of their information leaflets as download able books which I'll be trying to get hold of in the near future.
Even more exciting for those of us who are unable to just "pop over" to North America is that they have an online bushcraft course in the works.


Mungo said...

Hello Sam!

Yes, I find the traditional kit page on the Moose Dung Gazette site very useful. Great to see that there are suppliers just a click of a mouse away for some unusual yet tested and recommended pieces of gear.

I buy much of my kit at Ben's Backwoods - highly recommended!

Hope all is well - Toronto is warming up finally and springtime is in the air!



sam_acw said...

I've shopped happily from Ben's Backwoods too, he's one of the fe guys that hes sensible international shopping policies and the right kind of kit.

Anonymous said...

Site looks great Sam. Nice one.
html tags for blogs
Pablo's Woodlife

sam_acw said...

Thanks Pablo,
I never really got happy with the previous version. I'm going to stick with this set up for a while and hopefully customise it when I get more time.

Laura said...

Hey Sam,
I just moved to Radom from the Iowa. Came across your blog. What is fun to do in Radom?


sam_acw said...

To be fair not a lot Laura. There is a new place called Pivovaria in the centre of town which is worth checking out. Aside from M1 Radom is not the most exciting place.

Tim Smith said...


Thanks for the kind words and the link. If you ever do make it to this side fo the Atlantic look us up.