Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jack Mountain Bushcraft University - What Is It?

The JMBU is a very exciting project which I believe to be the first on-line course in the sphere of bushcraft. It is a project being run by Tim Smith of Jack Mountain in an effort to get people learning about bushcraft over the internet. It is not a course of practical instruction but will be a series of guided projects with discussion and peer review. At the culmination of the course students will produce a hard copy version of their work - a bushcraft journal- which will be reviewed by a course facilitator. For a more thorough explanation of what is involved check out Tim's post.
The main goal of this course is to provide the theory behind the skills and knowledge that are important to bushcraft. Personally there are many motivations for doing this that I will be discussing here at a future date.
Rather than doing specific assignments there are longer projects. Each project comes complete with a small reading list in order to provide the theoretical background to the project in question. The work and evidence for each project will be posted on various blogs and discussed through the JMBU network (see right). So you can all look forward to a veritable torrent of new blogs (I hope!)
There is a student's book available through the Jack Mountain shop, I've downloaded a copy and I'm just waiting to print it all out. the student's book is aimed at their on-site rather than on-line students but is still going to be relevant in many areas. It contains a very detailed bibliography which is naturally a boon to a bibliophile such as myself. It was an effort not to put in a £200 order with Amazon! Sadly some of the books are out of print so will be a little tougher to get hold of.