Friday, March 21, 2008

Sping Equinox

Despite yesterday, the 20th, being the spring equinox we've had rather a turn of cold weather. Although we've had temperatures from 5-15 degrees for the last four weeks, this week it has dropped to close to freezing and there have been some quite hard flurries of snow.
Shows that you can never really predict the weather - especially when we've had a wet, mild and windy winter.
Depite my not getting into the woods recently I've been knee-deep in books and pdfs. I've been avidly reading as much as I can about axes and I'm very close to getting a vaughan sub-zero axe as this is the closest thing available to Kephart's 8oz axe he recommends in "woodcraft and camping".
We're getting ready for the Easter weekend, with Good Friday not being a public holiday here, we still have a bit of shopping to be done.
As I've finished work until next Thursday I hope to be able to get some good content up here now!
Welcome back!